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    The 30th Kalachakra International Festival took place at Amaravathi of Guntur with the presence of Dalai Lama during January 2006.

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  Textile Hub and Industries: The industrial development in the Guntur Region is of medium scale. On the positive note the region has minimal industrial and related pollution as compared to major cities in the country. Here are some of the industries in the area: textile mills/handloom, silk, Sangam Dairy, cement factories, Andhra Fertilizers, jute mills, granite industries, diamond and other ore processing (Hindustan Zinc Limited), Auto-Nagar and Software/IT Companies. A textile hub is being developed on the south-west side of the city, and the government is encouraging setting up of new industries. Possible future plans: Bio-Tech Park, Knowledge Park. Agriculture is the principle occupation of people of this district. Paddy is cultivated twice a year. The Agricultural income of the district is Rs.200 crores, contributing to the extent of 1/16th of the agricultural income of the State. A Research center was established in Laam near Guntur for the development of super quality seeds. The Electricity is supplied to this district mainly through Nagarjuna Sagar Project and Machkand Project. Dramas like Satya Harishchandra, Chintamani, Ramanjaneya yuddham and Sri Krishnarjuna yuddham are very popular in this district and people are very fond of these plays. Copper, Iron ore, Silica, and the Ores used in Cement Manufacturing are the Minerals available in these lands. Sangam dairy at Vadlamudi near Tenali is a major dairy farm. Handloom Industry at Mangalagiri, major Cement factories like Associated Cement Company and KCP Ltd. and Slab polishing Factories at Macherla are the Major Industries set in this District.

   Kothapet is the biggest ward in Guntur corporation.Its significance is that it is the main business centre of the city, mainly for its cloth business. There are hundreds of cloth business shops in these areas among which chandana brothers and putchala silks are popular.It has a well maintained green park of the name of Gandhi.There are huge number of cinema theatres in the city, near about 30 in number. there are approximately 236 private sector industries in guntur. Itc Ltd Iltd Division Marketing Manager Res, Kallam Agro products & oils pvt Ltd, Jana Chaitanya Housing Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad Chemical Suppliers Pvt Ltd, Venkata Ramana a Mktg Mgr Jocil Ltd, Best India Tobacco Suppliers Pvt Ltd, Bommidala International Pvt Ltd, Green Leaf Tobacco Threshers Pvt Ltd, Itc Ltd Iltd Division Manager Audit & Systems Res, Godfrey Philips India Ltd are some of the private sector industries in guntur city. All industries in guntur are mainly surrounded in the outscots of guntur. One of such industry is XXX soap factory and sangam milk dairy is also another industry.

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    Approximately 15 public sector companies are there in guntur. Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd, Coromandal Agro products & oils Ltd, Stc state trading corporation of India Ltd, Itc Ltd Iltd division management accountant Res, A.P state civil supplies corporation Ltd Dm Res, United India Insurance Co Ltd, Jaya Chemical Industries Ltd are some of public sector companies in guntur.

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    Approximately 57 small scale companies are there in guntur. Shariff Engineering works, Sri Kusuma Haranadh cold storage pvt Ltd, Sri Vijaya Naga Sitarama pressing factory, Sri Rayala Appa Rao Nagaratnamma cold storage pvt Ltd, Sri Bhagyalakshmi cement Hallow Brick Industry, Arunodaya Cotton Ginning Mill, Kollipara Agros Cotton Ginning Mill, Ajay Seeds Processing & Packing Unit, Bharat Rolling Shutters & Eng Works are some of small scale industries in Guntur.

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    Some of the industries in old guntur are Ranga Bag Industries, Lakshmi Plastic Industries, Lakshmi Steel Industries, Vijaya Industries , Moneka Pack Industries, Bhaskar Agro Chemicals & Cotton Industries, Elite Electronics Industries Pvt Ltd, GTC Industries Limited, Modern Fibre Industries, Modern Farm Industries. Thus guntur is developing rapidly in industrial sector.